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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

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From: David Barrow - CoC [] 
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2015 1:53 PM
 Subject: Central: June Board of Adjustments Agenda
The June Board of Adjustments agenda is attached.  Northwoods and Comite
Hills West have some items on the agenda for waivers.  For more information,
please call 262-5000.

The City of Central Board of Adjustments will hold a public hearing on June
25, 2015 at 5:00pm at Kristenwood Meeting Facility, 14025 Greenwell Springs
Rd, Central, LA 70739 to consider the following item(s):

BOA-14-15 This property is located at 17258 Roble Avenue on Lot 123 of the
Northwoods Subdivision.  The applicant requests the Board of Adjustment to
grant a variance of Section 2.2 D (4) of the Comprehensive Zoning Code which
states that an accessory structure greater than eight feet in height shall
meet all side and rear yard setback requirements.  The applicant is
requesting to reduce the side yard from 5 feet to 3 feet.  
The applicant is Chris Withers.

BOA-15-15 This property is located at 11115 Suncrest Avenue on Lot 142 of
the Comite Hills West 3rd Filing Subdivision. The applicant requests the
Board of Adjustment to grant a variance of Section 2.2 D (4) of the
Comprehensive Zoning Code which states that an accessory structure shall not
exceed 1,000 square feet in the R1 (Single Family Residential One) Zoning
District.  The applicant is proposing a 1,200 square foot shop for storage.
The applicant is Thomas Riddle.

BOA-16-15 This property is located at 12435 Blackwater Road on Lot Y-1-A of
the former W.W. Duke Property. The applicant requests the Board of
Adjustment to grant a variance of Section 2.2 D (4) of the Comprehensive
Zoning Code which states that an accessory structure shall not exceed 1,600
square feet in the R/A (Rural/Agricultural) Zoning District. The applicant
is proposing a 2,024 square foot pool house.
The applicant is Jeanne Gravois.

Yours truly,
David Barrow
Chief Administrative Officer
City of Central
13421 Hooper Rd Ste 9
Central, LA 70818-2900
(Office) 225-261-5255
(Cell)  225-200-8701


Our Comite Hills West symbol is the magnolia and the miniature specimens
on the back side of our entrance sign are now mature enough to bloom!

No, the signboard at the entrance does not change itself...  

Comite Hills West is fortunate to have many willing and dedicated volunteers
who quietly and faithfully makes things happen for the good of all of us.  
Here are Jim and Kathy McCurry placing the letters for the new
Yard of the Month.  


CONGRATULATIONS to the YARD OF THE MONTH Recipients for 2015!

JUNE: LIONEL and PAMELA JAMES - 6750 Stoneshire Drive

MAY: JON and JUDY BEESON - 11221 Suncrest Court

APRIL: MIKE and CINDY WATTS - 10858 Tynewood Avenue

MARCH: CASEY BRADFORD - 6730 Stoneshire Drive

FEBRUARY: LEROY and ANNIE GEORGE - 11338 Landfair Avenue

JANUARY: ALBERT and LAUREN AGUINIGA - 11138 Landfair Avenue


Remember, joining the website is open to ALL Comite Hills West residents--a few simple clicks and that's it.  If those of you who already are users would set a goal of inviting at least one neighbor/family to join, we could increase our outreach significantly.  While we have a good number of users, that extra critical mass would enable us to make meaningful use of the online survey tool to seek opinions on subdivision concerns and also be more effective in communicating emergency, lost and found, legal concerns and other matters.  The personal information on your profile is visible publicly only if you choose that function.  The system is secure and no addresses are shared with businesses, commercial or governmental entities.  Only YOU know your password.   CHWHOA also has a Facebook page, but it is not getting the activity we had hoped.   You can post your photos and comments and enjoy it as you would any other Facebook page.  
Log on, check it out, LIKE it and use it--it's up there at your request! 


Your connection to our CHWHA Website is a benefit of your membership.   Nearly every time an important message is sent to you from the Association, there are e-mail addresses that bounce back as undeliverable.  Anytime your information has changed, there are two ways you can correct it. 1) You may send it in an e-mail message to and we will correct it for you.  Remember, your e-mail address also is your User ID, so when a change is made, after that you will sign in with your same password but with the corrected e-mail address as your User ID.   2) You also may update your profile and change your User ID and password at any time by clicking on Update Your Information at the bottom of the Menu Bar on the left side of the page. [As a security precaution, only YOU can change your password.]   For those of you who are not yet registered on the website, simply click on the request link.  Please note that if you have listed a second or third e-mail address in your profile for another person in your home, they also automatically will receive any blast e-mail notices that are sent out by the Association, so if they change, please update them as well.   This will save a lot of trouble when messages are returned and we need to track the incorrect addresses, since only the registered member's address appears on the register for sending mail.   Any additional addresses appear in your profile, which has to be searched separately. Should you have questions, please contact me.   Thank you for staying current so CHWHA can keep you informed.    

Richard Webb, Webmaster



Our old sign, pictured here, deteriorated long ago and finally was cycled out for burial itself [RIP], BUT its message endures for as long as we do: CHWHOA deed restrictions prevent the posting of temporary signs anywhere in the entrance median area.  Also, NO PARKING on the median.   If you wish to post signs or balloons for a garage sale, party or other event, you may put them on either side of the entrance, but NOT on the island. Signs or other materials placed on the island will be removed.  Thank you for your cooperation!



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